This year I’ve been putting a lot of my playing live energy into curating a beautiful space for live original music, The Song Lounge. It’s simultaneously the gig I want to play and the gig I want to go to. I’ve had so many brilliant artists jump on board whole heartedly even though it’s been a new and untested idea. I’ve also experienced hands down the most respectful, appreciative and joyous audiences in more than 15 years of playing live gigs. So much gratitude for this magical night so far. I’ve been sharing videos from the night on the Song Lounge You Tube channel. If you click below you can watch vids from all the artists who have played at the Song Lounge so far and enjoy some awesome tunes from Micka Scene & Pacha Mamma, Phil & Tilley Music, Nicole Brophy Music, Tim Stokes Music, Luke Bennett, Loren, Josh Lee Hamilton and Lou Bradley (oh and me!).

The Song Lounge